The Arrels Foundation in Barcelona has created Homelessfonts—typefaces based on the unique handwriting of the homeless people it helps. Each font comes with the story of the person who penned it and their personality. After all, few things are more personal than our handwriting.

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Sharpie Art

Japan-based Artist Allison, has created a brilliant work of art spanning across an entire Nissan Skyline GT-R sports car. Spending roughly 100 hours of work and several clear coats to protect the design, the design has been completed

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  • October 16th, 2014

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London Canal Bridge

UK architects Knight Architects have completed a foot bridge in London inspired by how Japanese hand fan folds open. In collaboration with structural engineers AKT II, the bridge experts installed 5 steel beams that open and close in sequence, rising to different angles using hydraulic jacks and assisted by counterweights.

(Source: thisiscolossal.com)

Bunch Juice

New York based design studio DIA has created the identity for Bunch;  a London raw-juicery. Each juice is personified as a member of a family and given a name that corresponds to its specific flavour profile. This approach allows the brand to create unique stories around each juice, and the entire family range as a whole, for a concept that is own able and limitless.

(Source: The Dieline)

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  • October 7th, 2014

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Good design connects with its audience, provokes curiosity and makes the world a better place, even ever so slightly.

Michael Bierut partner at Pentagram

Short good Q&A with Michael over at Communication Arts.

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  • October 7th, 2014

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Belgian design studio Stoëmp has created a simply beautiful identity for Chamber who specialized in functional and made-to-measure home storage.

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  • October 6th, 2014

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The Markthal Rotterdam

Designed by Dutch architects MVRDV, the covered food market and housing development in the Netherlands.The mural inside titled Cornucopia was created by artists Arno Coenen and Iris Roskam. It wraps around the interior ceiling and occupies over 36,000 square feet of space.