An Escape kit is a ticket from job to job in the industry I work in. Join me on my journey to find work that I wish I put in my kit and share the work you put in yours.

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Peace and War

New York-based artists ICY and SOT have created a series of striking stenciled street art. Their works are mostly about peace, war, society issues and human rights.



Designer INSA creates animated “GIF-iti” pieces in locations around the world. Each mural is painted and photographed in sequence to create the awesome pieces above. If you’re interested in his work make sure to follow him on his tumblr here. 

Street Eraser 

English creatives Guus Ter Beek and Tayfun Sarier have created awesome street art, by taking the Photoshop eraser tool out onto the streets of London. Check out their ever growing collection on their tumblr blog here

MURAL festival 2013

For its first edition, 35 local and international artists were actively engaged in the creation of gigantic murals that will redefine Main Street (Saint-Laurent Boulevard) for the year to come. Their original works can be admired in their final form, all day, every day… for free.