We Don’t Work – We Play

Typographic experiments for the self-initiated exhibition We Don‘t Work - We Play. All works in collaboration with Yanik Balzer. Special thanks to Tomaz, Thomas, Lasse and Ryan for their support. Typographic Excellence, Students Category at Type Directors Club 59.

(Source: typographyserved.com)

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  • April 14th, 2014

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Fan Food Type

Each month, DQ focuses the Fan Food campaign on a different part of the menu - different food, new flavors, and special offers. To further emphasize this monthly effort, Designer Thomas Price decided to put their campaign messages in fun typography using real food and props to highlight flavors and maximize taste appeal.

(Source: behance.net)

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  • April 11th, 2014

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36 Days

A collaborative type project that makes use of the social media hashtag to bring together the inspiring work of designers and illustrators from all over the world. Anyone can join in using the hashtag #36daysoftype.

This is a great way for new designers to flex their muscles and show off some creative work. 

(Source: 36daysoftype.com)

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  • April 7th, 2014

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Lululemon Athletica - Covent Garden

A selection of painted / engraved pieces of lettering by Uk designer Tobias Hall for the new Lululemon store in Covent Garden, London. 

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  • April 2nd, 2014

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Work Hard Stay Humble

Clarke Harris is a designer and illustrator living in Gainesville, Florida finishing up his last year of study at the University of Florida. Work Hard Stay Humble was a project for one of his classes where he explored both process and materials. Check out the rest of his work here

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  • March 20th, 2014

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Banner Year

Awesome typographer Bryan Patrick Todd (who I’ve featured  in the past)recently opened his first solo show, which includes eight handcrafted banners featuring eight quotes serving as “part motivation, part fun.”

(Source: designworklife.com)

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  • March 19th, 2014

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Glossary of Design Terms

Awarded at Turkish Society of Graphic Designers, Glossary of Design Terms is a series of design letter booklets from A-Z featuring terms of design. Turkish designer, Volkan Olmez, created these beautiful set of booklets with a simple letter graphic and using bold colors to represent each design terms.

(Source: The Dieline)

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  • March 17th, 2014

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The Lego Movie

Art of the Title takes an in-depth look at the making of the end titles of The LEGO Movie by Alma Mater. Check out the link for video and behind the scene images and interviews.

Lego and Typography what more could you ask for?

(Source: artofthetitle.com)

Industry Inc by Mattox Shuler

Industry Inc is a collection of type based on the bold uppercase style of the Industry family. The typeface comprises numerous stand-alone styles along with a layered type system. Think of it as a toolbox equipping designers with extensive typographic options and combinations. What will you make?

Want to know more? Look through the manual or watch a video tutorial on layering.

Buy it here: http://myfonts.us/kIOdxd

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